Why Most ID Fraud Protection Solutions Don’t Work But One Does

Lifelock, the largest identity theft insurance purveyor was sued by the Federal Trade Commission and settled in March 2010 to pay $12 million to settle charges that it made deceptive claims about its ability to protect customers from identity theft. FTC Chairman, Leibowitz said that “this was a fairly egregious case of deceptive advertising. They promised protection and didn’t deliver”. To make matters worse, Experian, one of the three big companies that track credit histories has sued Lifelock to stop using Experian services because it is diminishing the value of their fraud alert system by repeatedly firing off false alarms thereby making credit issuers pay less attention to them. A typical case of ‘Cry Wolf’. And if that wasn’t enough, certain States like New York are suing Lifelock to prevent them from selling it in NY because it’s not really insurance.So why are people buying identity theft protection? It doesn’t stop ID fraud, it doesn’t reimburse you for money that is stolen and it doesn’t fix your credit standing or clean up a criminal record acquired in your name. People have been misled by LifeLock, Identity Guard, ID Watchdog, Identity Truth and Trusted ID into believing their promises to restore your ID, prevent ID fraud, and pay for all your lost wages and guarantee large sums of money. These companies are scamming the public while 11.2 million people became victims of ID fraud last year. Identity Theft protection didn’t help and neither did antivirus. So how can we prevent online crime which is about 65% of all ID theft?The only way to stop online ID theft, which is the majority of ID theft, is through a simple to use software application called a VPN (virtual private network). Currently most computer users have antivirus which protects your computer but it does not protect your data once it goes out on the internet. To do that, use a good VPN and it will secure your financial data, emails, files, business transactions, downloads, pictures, Skype, Facebook, Google; literally everything you do on the Internet. Like antivirus it’s a program that runs 24×7 on your computer while protecting all your data online. All your online activities become secure and cyber criminals will no longer have access to your data because the connection is securely scrambled and they don’t have the key to break in. End of danger to your credit cards, ID information and banking login information.

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