Verizon Wi Fi With FiOS

Subscribers to the Verizon FiOS service have the capability of accessing the internet through thousands of wireless hot spots. This service is offered free of charge to FiOs subscribers. Hotels, campgrounds, coffeehouse, restaurants, airports and many other locations have hotspots that allow users on-the-go internet connectivity. However there are some limitations, for example, some operating systems cannot connect to the service. The biggest segment of computer users, left out of the WiFi access capabilities are Mac users. Many users want and need to be able to work away from home, with a Virtual private network (VPN) connection and Verizon’s Wi-Fi access customers can access their employers VPN and be able to access their server at work. Productivity is increased greatly with Wi Fi access available from just about anywhere.Other uses for Wi FiWhen you think of WiF Fi access most people think of connection their laptop to the internet, either from an outside location or within their home network. But WiFi can be used for many other applications. Verizon developed an iPhone, Android app that turns your smartphone into a virtual remote control. The app allows users to control all of the functions that they would be able to control with a standard remote. Volume can be adjusted, parental controls can be set, DVR can be activated, and channel can be changed, all with the use of your smartphone.Verizon and the iPadWith the explosion of popularity of the iPad, apps that incorporate the iPad into the applications they develop are on the cutting edge of multimedia content providers. Ipad owners who are also Verizon FiOs subscribers will soon be able to view live TV channels on their iPad. Many network television stations such as CNN and. The video will be streamed via WiFi on the go and users will have access only to the channels they subscribe to at home.

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