Simple Answers to the Basic Questions About Satellite Internet

It doesn’t take much for people using the internet to start thinking about a way to get going faster than dial-up. After all, dial-up was meant for very sporadic, casual interaction with the Web. If you have a need for internet use on a daily basis but can’t deal with the sluggishness of dial-up, you have probably acquired an interest in satellite internet service. If the type of speeds these companies are offering can truly be called satellite broadband, are there many reasons to stay with dial-up? The answer will be different for everyone, but here are some common questions being asked about satellite service answered.1. What type of location does someone need to have in order to get satellite service going? In this case, you simply need a clear view to the southern United States. If there is no problem with this type of access point, you will be ready to get online and access the speeds satellite internet is offering. Remember, this service requires no participation from your phone line.2. Can you upgrade without getting a professional-grade plan? Many people have heard about the ultra-fast plans being offered by satellite internet companies, but you actually don’t have to take on such an intense plan if you have less need for it. For someone who needs high speed internet but does not need a professional network buzzing through every room in the house, you can take advantage of one of the popular personal plans.3. Are there many technical issues to grasp or is it just internet? Truly, there isn’t much for the customer to grasp in terms of getting and using satellite service. Technicians will be the ones installing the satellite dish on your home and getting you the satellite modem which delivers the signal. You’ll need to have your computer equipped with an NIC (Network Interface Card), but even if your computer did not come with one, there are a number of ways to get your system adapted to this technology. Many users have needed to get an adapter and handled it with ease.4. What about the telephone lines which utilize the internet? The answer to this excellent question may surprise many users. While the VPN’s have become a major force in the telephone industry, they aren’t ideally suited for satellite internet service. With this type of telephone system, you will end up making your internet connection operate at much slower speeds and defeat much of the purpose. While it may seem like an ideal time to ditch your telephone service (since you won’t need it for internet), you will need it to make phone calls via land line.5. Are there any ways to combine the service with satellite television? The internet and television providers are related but not co-managed, so each service will involve different technology. That means that you will need a separate dish for internet whether or not you have satellite TV.

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