MPLS And VPLS Networks Basics

If you have been checking out Internet service providers, you probably should have come across the term MPLS and VPLS networks. MPLS stands for multiprotocol label switching while VPLS, on the other hand, stands for virtual private local area network service. In a nutshell, if you want something to improve data transfer in your business, then multiprotocol label switching should be your choice. If you want something just to improve access and speed for data transfer in your home, you can opt for virtual private local area network service.One of the distinctive features of MPLS is the fact that it uses a significantly shorter path labels for data transfer and communication exchange. It rarely has to go through long addresses for networks. This system is actually the framework in which various access technologies are based on. Some of them – like DSL – may even be access technologies that you are familiar with.There are several advantages to enjoy with MPLS, but most of it would those that only businesses can maximize on. For many businesses, every second counts and every second that they get to save contributes to the increase in their profit margin. Multiprotocol label switching is a time-saver at the very least. It allows owners to bypass routing tables as well as effectively scale back their own networks.Multiprotocol label switching is also very flexible. Business owners can assign varying traffic levels to their customers. More importantly, it is highly secure as well, being able to operate at different layers.There are basically three ways you can avail of multiprotocol label switching. The first is to sign up for a Layer 2 point-to-point system. The second alternative would be to go for a Layer 3 Internet Protocol (IP) VPN. The last, however, has to do with the other option discussed here, and that is virtual private local area network service.The latter operates at Layer 2. It also uses the Ethernet as a framework. It is critical you understand that VPLS is but one of the components or services offered by multiprotocol label switching.If multiprotocol label switching has an IP backbone, VPLS uses multiprotocol label switching itself as its backbone. If you have only less than a hundred sites to manage, virtual private local area network service will be more than sufficient for your needs. Certainly, it will be easier to manage as well. Multiprotocol label switching will, on the other hand, prove to be the right choice if you have more than a hundred or even over a thousand sites to manage.As such, in terms of scope and breadth alone, multiprotocol label switching will always be the better option. If, however, you have your budget to consider and you only want a better way to transfer data in your home, then virtual private local area network service is the more practical solution. MPLS and VPLS networks have a lot of similarities, but the few differences they have make a huge impact on their pricing.

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