How to Find Someone’s Number Through MySpace

The most popular social networking site in the U.S. is MySpace. This is a huge website that enables its millions of consumers the ability to create personal profiles, join groups, post blogs, share photos, music, videos and so on. Although you may not find joining a social site appealing, you shouldn’t ignore these sites altogether, as they can actually be a lot more useful than you realize.Think about it, MySpace is a site where numerous Internet users from all over the world connect with one another, and post their personal profiles. Thus, if you wanted to reconnect with an old friend, high school classmate, a long lost relative, etc., it is quite probable that you may find them on this social network. You will find that it is well worth looking into, especially if you would like to contact a person you haven’t spoken to in years and would like to try and find their phone number.Is it difficult to conduct a search on MySpace? Absolutely not! Simply access the homepage and click on the “Find People” tab. You don’t even need to create an account to conduct your investigation. Once you are on the main people finder page, you will see that there are different search options, including:- Find a friend. You can enter the first name and or surname of the person, or their email if you know it.- Find a school. Search the name of the high school or college the individual went to, and the country and state/province in which it is located (Note: this is a great search if you want to find people you went to school with.- Search for people who have similar interests as you (I.E. if you remember that the person you are looking for enjoyed a particular hobby or were known for the music they liked, etc.)- Search for people with similar career interests. This would be useful if you wanted to lookup a co-worker.Once you have entered in the details for your search, and if the results reveal that the person you are trying to find has a MySpace profile, you will only be able to access their personal page if they have made it publicly available. If it turns out that their page is private, this means you will need to create a free MySpace account and send the person a message to add you as a friend or contact.Keep in mind that MySpace, like virtually all social networking sites, does not function like a reverse phone lookup. Therefore, you won’t be able to search a phone number you have of a friend as an option to find them on the site.

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